Cold-pressed soaps … They age like Wine !!

Cold-pressed soaps … They age like Wine !!

Since we are born, bathing soap has been something we use daily without fail! Even twice a day, at times during summers! While we would not have understood the true meaning of using natural soaps in our childhood days, the relevance and importance start making sense with time and age.

 With bad environmental conditions and various other factors, our skin loses its natural form and starts deteriorating with age. The specially curated cold-pressed soaps by Luse Essentials are a savior in such situations. They help your skin breathe in a hazardous environment filled with chemicals. But do you know why cold-pressed soap is better than any other type of soap? Let us help you understand it better.


 Why cold-pressed soaps are better and their importance

Cold-pressed soaps, as we all know, are the purest form of natural soaps. They have high moisture content due to the natural ingredients used for making them. But, they need to age or cure appropriately before using it. 

 It is a myth that soaps are made quickly and easily, but the truth is that these soaps require adequate time to come to their most refined and pure state. These kinds of soaps are to be cured to their most exemplary levels to provide the best outcome when used. The cold-pressed soaps are just like wines. They age better with time.

 Wondering why are we saying this? Because just like wine is stored for years to build that perfect taste as desired, even cold-pressed soaps are to be kept at rest to form the ideal texture for use. Thought these soaps didn't take years and years to mature like wine. A few weeks are all it takes to reach its peak form, and it is ready for use.


Why do cold-pressed soaps take time to cure?

Usually, cold-pressed soaps take approximately 7-8 weeks to come into the final required form. The cure time is when the soap starts taking its desired state in the best possible manner. 

 It is believed that the longer the cure time, the better the soap quality. These soaps are priced higher than the usual handmade mix-and-pour soaps. While the soaps are kept for rest, they act like firewood as most of the water content in these soaps is evaporated. This causes the soap to vary in size from one product to another.

 The final product is milder, perfect in its consistency as desired, and ideal for use. Although it takes time to make these soaps, they are worth it. Since the water content is low, they do not deteriorate over time. In fact, cold-pressed soaps are known to be healthier and safer, despite having a more extended waiting period in the process. Nevertheless, the final product is worth the effort in the end.


The benefits of using cold-pressed soaps

In light of the purity quotient and the type of ingredients used in making the soaps, it can be said that they are perfectly safe to be used by anyone and everyone. Every kind of cold-processed soap is controlled and monitored in terms of its fragrance, which is a significant benefit. The ingredients are used with utmost consideration and concern.

 The various essential significance of cold-pressed soaps are

  • They do not have any kind of detergent or toxic material involved in the making.
  • Complete control over the ingredients and essential oils used in the preparation
  • All the ingredients are naturally sourced and made to enhance the overall utility of the product.
  • Depending on the natural components used in the making, the soaps yield a long-lasting soap bar and its benefits.
  • They are proven to be environmental-friendly products, which are healthier for your skin and overall appearance as well.

 On the brighter side, though cold processed soaps are more expensive than other soap bars, the utility and after-effects are much higher than any ordinary soap available in the market.


Why must you always opt for cold-pressed soaps?

These products always provide essential benefits to your skin with abundant moisture and combine the best ingredients to create beautiful products. Be it you are everyone, without any second thought can use anyone from your family, these soaps.


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