About Us

Luse Essentials: Where Nature Meets Skincare Innovation

At Lǜsè Essentials, we’re passionate about blending the best of nature with cutting-edge skincare ideas. Our mission? To redefine beauty norms and provide products that not only make you glow naturally but also align with your values. Oh, and we’re committed to doing all this without harming our furry friends!

Our Unique Approach

Beyond “Natural” and “Organic”

In a sea of natural and organic brands, we stand out. Why? Because we don’t just throw around buzzwords like “natural” or “organic.” We believe that these terms mean different things to different people. Instead, we focus on transparency and clarity.

The Lǜsè Difference

  1. Skin-Loving Ingredients: Our skincare products are carefully crafted using skin-loving ingredients sourced from around the world. We want you to feel good about what you’re putting on your skin.
  2. Vegetarian : Yes, we’re all about being kind to animals. That’s why our products are not only natural but also vegetarian or vegan. No compromises here!
  3. Familiar Ingredients: Ever read an ingredient list and wondered, “What is that?” Not with Lǜsè! We keep it simple—ingredients you recognize and understand.
  4. Feel-Good Factor: Our goal isn’t just to make products that feel good; it’s to create products that are genuinely good for you.

The Lǜsè Journey

A Mother’s Quest

Lǜsè Essentials was born from a mother’s love. When my daughter struggled with persistent facial rashes, I searched high and low for gentle skincare solutions. Chemical-laden products weren’t the answer. So, I turned to traditional and homemade remedies. Inspired by this journey, Lǜsè Essentials emerged—a brand rooted in natural goodness.

Our Offerings

  1. Natural Handmade Soaps: Luxurious, gentle, and crafted with care.
  2. Gentle Face Washes: Because your skin deserves kindness.
  3. And Beyond: Our vision extends to diversifying our skincare ranges. Stay tuned for more!

Join Our Journey

Lǜsè Essentials is more than a brand; it’s a commitment. We’re incubated at NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore, and our journey continues. Discover us on SAP Ariba Network and experience skincare that’s as pure as nature itself.