Essential Oils With Serious Skin Benefit

Essential Oils With Serious Skin Benefit

Essentials oils have widespread use in the beauty and personal care industry. Today, essential oils have become increasingly popular and one of the main lookouts for anyone in search of a good skincare product. 

Because of their widespread use and easy accessibility and also considering that there are many conflicting opinions about essential oils and their use on the skin, it is essential to get facts right. 

To give you better clarity about essential oils, we have created a comprehensive guide based on the claims by experts and ways in which they can help with your skincare. 

First, let's understand what essential oils are? 

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts that contain volatile properties of the specific plant and can be derived through different processes - distillation for example. The most popular and widespread essential oils are rose oils, tea tree oils and lavender oils, known to boost health and lifestyle benefits. 

Not only are essential oils good for skin and health, but are also an essential ingredient for aromatherapy. Aromatherapy can help with certain symptoms like pain, nausea and stress. Deep breathing in aromatherapy is known to reduce stress and improve mood almost instantly. It might not be the only cure but it helps to relieve the stress and make the process even better! 

One of the best ways to benefit from the aroma and skin benefits of essential oils is to use soap. Lǜsè Essentials' range of luxurious organic soap contains different essential oils, serving different skin. Because essential oils need to be diluted before applying to the skin, we combine them with perfect complementary ingredients. We take a lot of care and research to create organic soaps that are nourishing and serve different skin types. 

We use different essential oils that serve a different purpose for a specific skin type. Let us understand more about it. 

Orange essential oil 

Orange essential oils have some extraordinary skin benefits on the skin and their aroma is extremely calming and refreshing. Orange essential oil is one of the most popular oils readily available. The oils are extracted from the peel. The essential oil has a very sweet fragrance, compared to the bitter orange peel. 

The orange essential oil also has antibacterial properties as it has a high concentration of d-limonene. This means it can help with bacterial conditions on the skin like acne. Orange essential oil helps to relieve stress, anxiety and depression. 

Luse Essentials' Chocolate Sunset soaps have orange essential oil diluted in chocolate and oats to give you soft and hydrated skin without clogging your pores. The orange essential oil with oats in this soap deeply cleans the skin pores and treats acne, cocoa beans helps the skin to retain moisture and keeps it soft and smooth. 

Lavender oil 

Historically, lavender has been widely used in perfumes, massage oils and more. Lavender oil is sourced from the plant through steam distillation and is widely used across the health industry.

It is a great therapeutic oil and treats stress and anxiety and releases tension. Lavender oil contains polysaccharides, which helps to ease the symptoms of inflammation. Lavender is a beautiful plant with sweet fragrance and medical qualities. 

For these reasons, Luse Essentials' Crowned Ivory is one of its kind. Perfect for all types, this soap contains lavender oil and buds, combined with french clay for deeper exfoliation and cleansing. These ingredients are extremely grounding, helping you feel and look good! 

Rose oil

One of the most popular essential oils in the world, rose oil sure had to make up in the list. Rose oil contains phenolic complexes that are known to be therapeutic and one of the most relaxing components. It also contains flavonoids that have antidepressant properties. Rose oils also slow down ageing due to their anti-ageing property. Needless to say, it is a perfect essential oil with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. 

Luse Essentials' Pink Swirls organic soap is a heavenly combination of rose oil, petals, diluted in milk. It gives a soft and luxurious feel after use. Over time, you will notice that your skin is nearly smooth and even-toned.

Mint oil 

Mint oil is widely known to cleanse and refresh the skin. It helps to balance excess oil and treats irritated skin. It helps to improve the mood with its aroma, helps deal with fatigue and reduces tiredness. It helps to relieve the mood and relieve nauseousness. The menthol content in this oil acts as a natural fumigant that keeps insects away from the skin. 

Luse Essentials' Coconut Mint Organic Soap is a fresh breeze with mint oil combined with coconut oil that helps cleanse and refresh skin while maintaining moisture of the skin. 

Which essential oil is your favourite? 

As you can see, the benefits of essential oils are vast. Since all of our organic soaps contain these essential oils, your skin will reap the benefits with every use. The ingredients are strategically combined, considering their properties and skin benefits for specific skin type. The essential oils make an ordinary bath luxurious, with aromatic essential oils and skin-benefiting ingredients. 

Referred via Healthline - verified source


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