Shelf life, Texture, and the Scent of natural soaps !

Shelf life, Texture, and the Scent of natural soaps !

Handcrafted soaps usually tend to get better with time. There is no set shelf life of organic natural soaps, and it usually depends on the ingredients used in the soap. 

When the handmade soaps are freshly made, it is left to cure for some time. The moisture evaporates, and the soap usually gets a bit small and longer-lasting. The resting period helps to improve the quality and durability of the soap. 

But what exactly affects the shelf life of the organic, natural soaps? 

Some factors are responsible for changes and can affect the shelf life of organic soaps. 

  1. Pure natural essential oils or fragrance oils 
  2. Natural colors or synthetic colors 
  3. The soaps formulation process
  4. Ingredients used to make the soap

Essential oils: Why does the aroma wear out soon without proper storage?

  1. Natural soaps are usually gently scented only with the help of natural essential oils. The goal is not to significantly make it aromatic but to provide a subtle aroma to calm you effectively. 
  2. Scents in natural oils fade away quickly compared to other synthetic fragrance oils. 

Essential oils are pretty volatile and fade away quickly. When exposed to air, the compounds in essential oils fade away in thin air. However, note that different essential oil evaporates at different paces. 

Natural colors: Natural colors come from natural ingredients like spices, flowers, and juices. Unfortunately, the natural colors fade away after a period, and once a vibrant color turns into a subtle tint. 

Recipe of natural soaps

The formulation and manufacturing process of the soaps can change the shelf-life of the soaps. Lǜsè Essentials soaps have all-natural ingredients that are fresh and organic with no added preservatives. We use natural antioxidants like natural oil extracts and essential oils. 

Ingredients in the natural soaps

Different oils have a different impact on the skin. Some lathers and some moisturizes. The more oils present in the soap, the softer it gets. These softer soaps also tend to have a shorter shelf life. 

The best natural soaps have a good balance in different kinds of oils, combined with wholesome ingredients and essential oils. 

How can you improve the shelf life of natural organic soaps? 

Now that we know that organic soaps are made from natural ingredients, it tends to wear out quite quickly, unlike conventional soaps. 

  1. Natural soaps need to breathe: It is essential to expose them in the open to help them harden. It helps to make the soaps long-lasting and also sustains the quality. It shouldn’t be stored in a box. A tight wrapper can cause humidity that can make it soft and wear out quickly. 
  2. Packaging: The packaging needs to be sustainable and breathable. Lǜsè Essentials soaps are packed in plastic-free covers, made from recyclable papers and materials. Keep the handmade soaps in dry places, away from sun and humidity. 
  3. To preserve the scent of the natural and organic soaps, you can wrap them in a breathable fabric or muslin bag as it helps retain the fragrance for a long. 


As much as natural ingredients are great for the skin and overall health, special care is needed to improve its shelf life. Please make the most of our exotic range of organic and handcrafted soaps

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