Our Story

As the number of natural and organic brands in the market increases, Beauty and personal care brands no longer can rely on “natural” or “organic” as their main goal when connecting with consumers. Natural” and “organic” are terms that can mean different things to different people.We believe in
 naturally crafted cosmetics with ingredients that you know and understand that not only feels good but is also good for you. 

Lǜsè Essentials is a natural skin care and cosmetic brand. We provide luxurious skin care products which uses pure, natural and high quality ingredients sourced from all over the world. 

Why Lǜsè

The seed for this project was sown a few years back while I was trying to find a solution for my daughter’s persistent facial rashes. During my search, I realised that popular skin care products contained chemicals that did suit sensitive and tender skin. I resorted to finding traditional and home-made remedies which did not irritate her skin. I wanted to give people a better and more natural choice for their skin. This motivated me to start Lǜsè Essentials. 


Lǜsè is our effort towards providing natural,
safe and luxurious skin care products to the world.


The first launch of Lǜsè is our line of natural and handmade soaps. As we grow, we will be  diversifying and launching other skin care ranges with an ambition to cater to a niche and highly developing and evolving global market.

Our Vision is to care about the impact our products can make to the world around us.

With 100% vegan products, we give you beauty with intention because we know that you care. 

The you that wants to feel good and be good

The you that cares about not only what goes in your body but also on your body

The you that wants to understand and know what goes into the products you use

The you that wants to make informed decisions

The you that is environmentally conscious