What does cruelty-free skincare mean? 

What does cruelty-free skincare mean? 

If you genuinely love animals or have pets at home, you must have searched for the phrase 'cruelty-free' in most of the products that you’d want to shop for,  however does one grasp what it means

In short, cruelty-free indicates that the merchandise and the ingredients have not been tested on the animals. 

Animal testing is a type of experiment in which the animal is forced to undergo a procedure that can cause them pain and lasting harm. It is natural for someone who loves animals to not want to witness such stuff, which prompts most of us to opt for cruelty-free choices obtainable within the market. 

If you want to be cruelty-free read some of the tips and things that you need to know before you purchase anything cruelty-free 

1. Not everything that you read is 100% true 

It is important to be aware and conscious while you look out for cruelty-free products. There are a lot of false claims and loopholes in the process. Don’t trust the labels as it is and make sure to do your research before you spend your money buying any product. 

2. Reach out to the company 

In case if you don’t have enough clarity on the information regarding whether a brand is cruelty-free or not, reach out to the brand and ask them relevant questions regarding the ingredients and standards of production. 

As to whether the ingredients sourced by them from a third party are cruelty-free and get a list of tests that they do. It will help you get a better understanding of whether these products are cruelty-free or not. 

3. Be conscious if a product is developed with new ingredients 

It is easier for the companies to hide behind reputation and come out with new ingredients that might be tested on animals. The chances are greater that the new ingredient in the product is not cruelty-free. It is because they don’t have a proven record and it requires vigorous testing to fit the parameters. 

This may call for tests on animals. If a brand is promoting a product with a new ingredient, make sure you do enough research before spending your money on it. 


Reasons why you need to choose eco-friendly skin products

Now you might be wondering why you should take the pain of getting the information. Well, here is a non-so-fun fact: In the United States alone, nearly 100 million animals are tortured and exposed to toxic ingredients that cause them lifelong ailments. Besides that, researchers even suggest that animal testing is bad science and does not work 100% of the time. Here are some reasons why you need to ditch non-cruelty-free skincare today! 

1. Cruelty-free makeup is healthy 

Usually, cruelty-free skincare is healthy because most of them are either vegan or made from natural ingredients that are used for years in history and have a proven record of effectiveness, rather than products with new ingredients that might be toxic and reactive to the skin (especially sensitive skin). The natural ingredients are less likely to have negative side   effects and cause next to no harm.


2. Animal Testing is unnecessary and cruel 

Testing skincare on animals is cruel as it exposes them to toxic chemicals that can hurt them for the rest of their lives. As stated earlier, it can be avoided by using ingredients that are natural and gentle on the animals. There are other alternatives to animal testing which produce conclusive results and are much safer. This practice is unethical, to begin with, and should not be backed.


3. Contribute to a difference 

Every time you choose to purchase a true cruelty-free skincare product, you are sending and pushing a product. By boycotting companies that still test ingredients on animals and supporting cruelty-free businesses, you are changing the trend and preferences of the people in general. 

Lǜsè Essentials offers cruelty-free organic soaps in a bid to show that a great skincare routine doesn’t require products that are tested on animals. The natural ingredients are soothing and gentle on any skin type and make it an effective and conscious choice for someone who deeply cares for animals and the environment. 


Here is the truth. If a brand does not have a basic conscience or soft corner for animals, chances are that they don’t care about you either. By buying their products, you are also supporting the brutal experiments on animals. It is essential to check and do your research to ensure that the businesses you support are cruelty-free and care for the ingredients, environment and animals equally while creating quality and reliable products. 

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