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Luse Essentials

Anti Acne Face Wash

Anti Acne Face Wash

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The Anti-Acne Face Wash contains powerful ingredients that help to fight acne and helps the skin to stay healthy. With regular use, grape seed extracts can help to even out the skin tone and also treat acne breakout. Ginger root extracts can help to improve the skin tone and fade acne scars on the skin. 


Grape Extract . Ginger Extract . Tea tree Oil

Here's why Our Anti Acne Face wash is perfect for you :

. Grape Extract is a wonderful Antioxidant with healing and inflammatory properties.

. Ginger contains phytochemical called gingerol which may help reduce acne symptoms.

.Tea Tree Oil has amazing anti inflammatory properties which may help treat acne. 

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Grape Extract . Ginger Extract . Tea tree Oil

Brand Story

Lǜsè Essentials is a natural skin care and cosmetic brand. We provide luxurious skin care products which uses pure, natural and high quality ingredients sourced from all over the world.

Our products are Paraben free , Vegetarian, Alcohol free , Silicones free and we are Cruelty Free brand

Company Name : Lǜsè Essentials

Founder : Ms.Misha M S

Incubated @ IIM B - NSRCEL

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Customer Reviews

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Nirmit Kasodariya
Nice product

I had wonderful experience with this product

Nirmit Kasodariya
Marketing review

Wonderful company.

It is just Love..

I was suffering from acne problem from long time but after its few applications I can see the change in my skin as my skin health is improving & it is not only visible to me but every one noticed too. It also cleans excess of oil on my skin, I use this face wash twice in a day. Face is that part of your skin which is visible to all so that's why I always like to buy products that are ayurvedic or organic & as it has Grape extract, Ginger extract, Tea tree Oil these all ingredients helps to improvise my skin and also suits me also it is cruelty free & smells good,my skin feels refreshing after its application.

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