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Summer Love

Summer Love

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Coconut Mint Organic Soap
For Normal Skin

Summer Love will take you back to those beautiful summers at the beach with the beautiful combination of mint and coconut leaving your skin feeling refreshed every day. The natural coconut oils protect your skin from the harshness of environmental toxins while the mint extracts add a splash of freshness!


Coconut Oil   ·  Mint Oil  ·  Aloe Vera Gel   ·  Cocoa Butter
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Here’s why Summer Love is perfect for you:
  • Mint Oil is refreshing and soothing on the skin while also hydrating and leaving it soft and supple.

  • Coconut oil helps retain moisture in your skin while also acting as a shield against environmental impurities.

  • Cocoa Butter hydrates and nourishes the skin.

 Paraben free silicon free  alcohol free vegetarian

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Coconut Oil · Mint Oil · Aloe Vera Gel · Cocoa Butter
Discover more about each of these ingredients

Brand Story

Vapasee– A decor store with a difference. Vapasee turns discarded materials in to utility products and home decor, thereby letting you embellish your home; all the while saving our planet. We believe that every product we create should add value not just to your space, but to your life in whole. We give utmost importance to the aesthetics and ergonomics of each product.

With every new creation, one product at a time, we are proud to contribute to a monumental movement, of helping save the planet that we all share.

Company Name : Vapasee Designs 

Founder : Ms.Renjini Thampi 

Incubated @ IIM B - NSRCEL 

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