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How to choose the best soap according to your skin type (with ingredients to look out for)

 Not all soaps are the same. Do you know that the so-called "cleansing soaps" commercially available soaps can be more damaging to your skin? It is essential to understand that soaps can vary significantly, both in terms of the chemical makeup and the effects that it may have on a certain skin type, over some time. 

 With hundreds of brands in the market - varied texture and ingredients, selecting the right kind of soap becomes very crucial. There is no perfect soap for all skin types. Everybody has a different skin type. 

 Before you go ahead and learn about different skin types, Always choose natural organic soaps. Always. 

 Natural ingredients help to solve a host of problems. After all, the skincare problem arises from harsh chemicals that aren't gentle on the skin. You can read our article on the benefits of organic soap. 

 That said, here are some steps to determine your skin type and choose the right soap according to your skin type. 

The best soap for oily skin

 Before you jump to learn about ingredients that suit oily skin, understand why skin is categorized as oily. Oily skin occurs when the sebaceous gland gets hyperactive and releases too much sebum. sebum is a natural oil secreted by the skin to keep the pH maintained and keeps the skin smooth and soft. Too much sebum can cause clogged pores, acne and attract dirt. 

 Many people have a misconception that harsh soaps with chemicals can dry up and remove acne. Not only can it irritate your skin, but it can also cause allergies. Also, when the skin becomes way too dry, the gland can overreact and release more sebum, prompting a cyclic action. 

 Instead, choose natural organic soap with oils and ingredients that controls excessive oils without leaving skin dry. Choose natural organic soaps with ingredients containing antioxidants and antibacterial features that can help fight acne, without stripping away the moisture. Avoid soaps with heavier oils and glycerin. 

 Lǜsè Essentials' formulated rose milk organic soap for oily skin is a heavenly combination of rose and milk that can leave your skin baby-soft. The antioxidants in rose oil take away excess oil while the milk works on repairing the skin cells, perfect for everyday use. 

The best soap for dry skin 

 Nobody likes having dry and rough skin! If you are struggling with dry skin for a long period, you may be dreaming of finding a soap that leaves your skin smooth while it cleanses, rather than stripping away the oils that the skin needs. 

 Three ingredients need to be: emollients, moisturizing and exfoliating 

 Emollients can be found in natural oils. They seep into the skin and work at the cellular level, soothing the cracks in the skin and smoothing out the surface. 

 The moisturizing ingredient can either be heavier oil or butter that traps in the moisture, creating a shield on the surface of the skin that avoids loss of hydration from your skin. 

 Exfoliating ingredients can remove dirt, without stripping away the moisture so that there is no chance for acne to occur. 

 Lǜsè Essentials' chocolate orange organic soap is a heavenly delight for dry skin. One of the main ingredients, orange essence, contains natural oil that not only helps to moisturize but also seals cracks and reduces aging of the skin. Cocoa beans are a great moisturizer that can help retain the moisture of your skin. The last main ingredient, oatmeal is a perfect exfoliator that treats acne while unclogging the pores! 

The best soap for combination skin 

Skin that has some parts oily and some parts dry is known as combination skin. Most people struggle with oily skin in the T-zone (nose, forehead, and chin), while other parts of the face are dry. 

 The best soap for this type is to use a mild organic soap with balancing ingredients formulated to balance and even out the texture of the skin. 

 Lǜsè Essentials' french clay and lavender organic soap are calming and deeply exfoliating. The natural lavender oil gives a therapeutic effect and calming sensation. The French clay in this soap acts as a gentle exfoliator and helps to deep cleanse. Multani Mitti evens out the skin texture and deeply cleans the skin. It also acts as a natural cooling agent, effective on sunburns and rashes. 

The best soap for normal skin

If you don't have any of the above conditions and your skin is perfectly the same throughout the day, lucky you! However, it is important to maintain the health of the skin and keep it clean, refreshed, and healthy. 

Lǜsè Essentials' coconut mint organic soap brings the memories of refreshed summer days with a tropical touch of mint and coconut. Mint oil helps to refresh and give life to tired skin while leaving it hydrated and soft. Coconut oil helps to retain moisture of the skin and slows aging. Cocoa butter leaves your skin with a luxurious feel and baby soft! 


No matter what skin type you have, the truth is that treating skin with natural ingredients is the most reliable route to get soft and clear skin, without clogging pores or stripping away the moisture. 

No matter what your skin type is, remember that you won't get the best results with "heavily marketed" chemicals. Instead, approach and treat gently for lasting results. Our soaps are all-natural and certified organic. No harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrance is used and are therapeutic. just kind and care for your unique skin. 

Source: Very Well Health

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I find it helpful to know that people with dry skin should purchase soap with moisturizing properties to trap moisture and avoid the loss of hydration from their skin. My roommate Alex has dry skin, so he would need this kind of soap. I’ll gift him a moisturizing soap with a funny shape so he could have fun bathing. Thanks for this.

Levi Armstrong

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