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Crowned Ivory Natural Soap

Crowned Ivory Natural Soap

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Transform your self-care routine with our exclusive Crowned Ivory Natural Soap. This luxurious soap combines the calming fragrance of lavender with the deep cleansing properties of French clay (Multani Mitti). Designed for all skin types, All Skin Types Soap offers a unique blend of organic, soothing ingredients that promote relaxation, better sleep, and skin healing. 

French Clay Soap is the enriching Multani Mitti that provides deep exfoliation, while aloe vera juice and almond oil nourish and hydrate your skin. Elevate your at-home spa experience with Natural Skincare Soap and enjoy the benefits of natural, gentle skincare.


  • Calming Scent: Lavender fragrance promotes relaxation and better sleep.

  • Natural Exfoliant: French clay offers deep exfoliation for a thorough cleanse.

  • Skin Tone Improvement: Multani Mitti helps even out skin tone by removing impurities.

  • Cooling Properties: Provides a natural cooling effect to soothe the skin.

  • Nourishing Formula: Aloe vera juice and almond oil hydrate and nourish the skin.


  • Product Type: Natural Soap

  • Key Ingredients: Lavender Buds, French Clay (Multani Mitti), Aloe Vera Juice, Almond Oil

  • Suitable for: All skin types

  • Formulation: Calming and exfoliating formula

  • Weight: 100 g / 3.5 oz

  • Packaging: Eco-friendly, recyclable packaging


Q: Is this soap suitable for sensitive skin?
A: Crowned Ivory Natural Soap is gentle and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive ones.

Q: How often should I use the soap?
A: For best results, use the soap daily during your regular bathing routine.

Q: Does the soap contain any artificial fragrances?
A: No, the soap is made with natural ingredients and contains no artificial fragrances.

Q: Can this soap help with skin irritation?
A: Yes, the cooling properties of Multani Mitti and the soothing effects of lavender can help reduce skin irritation.

Q: Is the packaging environmentally friendly?
A: Yes, the soap comes in eco-friendly, recyclable packaging.

Why Crowned Ivory is Perfect for You:

  • Calming Lavender: The fragrance of lavender has a natural calming effect, helping you unwind and relax.

  • Deep Exfoliation: French clay is a natural exfoliant that provides a deep cleanse, removing impurities.

  • Skin Tone Evening: Multani Mitti deep cleanses, removing all impurities and evening your skin tone.

  • Cooling Effect: Acts as a natural cooling agent, soothing the skin and reducing inflammation.

  • Nourishing and Hydrating: Aloe vera juice and almond oil nourish and hydrate your skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

 Paraben free silicon free  alcohol free vegetarian

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