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Luse Essentials

Lemon & Cucumber Face Wash

Lemon & Cucumber Face Wash

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Get the summer glow with our new natural  face wash that lets your skin breathe and shine from within. This Lemon & Cucumber Face Wash contains refreshing ingredients that soothe the skin. Cucumber extracts help to soothe the skin and reduce puffiness. Lemon contains Vitamin C that penetrates into the skin and brightens and rejuvenates it from within.


.Cucumber Extract . Lemon Extract 

Here's why Lemon & Cucumber Face Wash is perfect for you 

. Cucumber extract is loaded with antioxidants , Vitamin C and flavonoids which can leave your skin feeling refreshed , rejuvenated and relaxed.

.Vitamin C in the Lemon extract may help brighten the skin and bringing in a natural glow .

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.Cucumber Extract . Lemon Extract

Brand Story

Lǜsè Essentials is a natural skin care and cosmetic brand. We provide luxurious skin care products which uses pure, natural and high quality ingredients sourced from all over the world.

Our products are Paraben free , Vegetarian, Alcohol free , Silicones free and we are Cruelty Free brand

Company Name : Lǜsè Essentials

Founder : Ms.Misha M S

Incubated @ IIM B - NSRCEL

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