Upcycled Glass Bottle Wind Chime by Vapasee- Pack of 1

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Music to your ears. It’s more than a visually pleasing piece of decor; it creates a captivating hum when gentle winds pamper it. Made of up-cycled bottle and metal, this Glass Wind Chime echoes the enigmatic elegance of life. This wind chime is made from discarded glass bottle and metals. Slumped glass ring adds an extra charm to it.

Material : Glass Bottle & Brass

Attribute: Upcycled | Wind-chime | Décor |Glassware | Handmade | Eco-friendly

Why we are sustainable: Used glass bottles make up for a huge chunk of disposed waste. At Vapasee, we are doing good to our planet, by converting disposed bottles into absolutely adorable scented candles. Go bright. Be right!

 Brand Story

Vapasee – a decor store with a difference. Vapasee turns discarded materials in to utility products and home decor, thereby letting you embellish your home; all the while saving our planet. We believe that every product we create should add value not just to your space, but to your life in whole. We give utmost importance to the aesthetics and ergonomics of each product.

With every new creation, one product at a time, we are proud to contribute to a monumental movement, of helping save the planet that we all share.

Company Name : Vapasee Designs 

Founder : Ms.Renjini Thampi 

Incubated @ IIM B - NSRCEL